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Our Story

Honest Exports is a global import-export company of fresh fruits, an Egyptian Company based in Giza, Egypt. It also has offices in Berlin, and Beijing. The firm has more than 12 years of experience in the fresh fruits business. Recently added a new business unit, processed foods. Honest Exports has a wide portfolio of over 12 produce items, but focuses on apples, lemons, oranges, tangerines, pears and grapes. But why? The answer is we are based in Egypt, Egypt was the breadbasket of old world, and Egypt can be the breadbasket of the modern civilization, Egypt masters citrus varieties and Egypt also has a plethora of beautiful, organic other produce. The company works with more than 120 loyal growers, and 400 customers in 30 countries.

Our Philosophy

We in Honest Exports believe that growing food sustainably, using organic techniques has enormous benefits for our soil, and therefore our health. The state of our environment is, what we care for the most – the soil that we live from and the diversity of our environment, the people that we work with, and ultimately, the people that consume our produce. To produce fruits which are safe and clean is a privilege and commitment to us. We want to re-establish a connection between the people who consume our produce and the farmers that grow their food and we believe that, knowing your food source and having access to nutritionally dense/rich, and clean food are our foremost priority.

Our Vision

Your customers care more than ever about where their food is coming from, they care about the uses of pesticides, among other Carcinogens. And they care the most about is it 100% organic? Or not? We supervise the whole process to make sure our customers get more than they bargained for.That’s one less thing to worry about. We Are Aiming to Become One of Egypt’s Most Sustainable Fruit Exporters. Honest Exports Guarantees To Offer You The Premium Source Quality Fruits, And Though Provides You With The Best Available Prices In The Market. Our quality is second to none and also our pricing! Premium Quality And Low Prices, It’s A Difficult Equation But Honest Exports Managed To Perfect It.

Honest Exports

Address: 25 Saleh Street, near by Masjid Nasr al-Din,Al Haram City, Giza, Egypt.

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