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Egypt came first in the list of countries that export oranges for the third year in a row, with exports totaling 1.7 million tons in 2020, accounting for 38 percent of the global exports of oranges in 2020. Egypt kept its production capacity during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. Spain came in second in 2020, that’s indicates the primacy of the Egyptian Oranges. Honest exports has a very strong source there.



More than 60 varieties of watermelon are cultivated in Egypt, where complementary growing seasons provide a year-round supply of watermelon in an array of shapes, colors and sizes. These varieties are often grouped according to General characteristics, like fruit shape, rind color or size, and Patten. The emergence of seedless watermelon transformed the watermelon market, making this age-old fruit appealing to today’s more demanding consumers.


grapes are smooth, sweet, crusty and nutrient rich. Egyptian grapes are second to none! Thanks to Egypt’s temperate climate and the grapes there are growing on rich vineyards.Egypt produces many varieties of grapes. But, we mainly export Red Grape and Superior Seedless. Egyptian Red grapes are variety of very large, seeded and with firm flesh. Superior Seedless variety has frosty green seedless, round berries. Fairly small to medium long, compact, tapered bunches, very sweet. Firm flesh and tender skin.



Peaches are rich in many vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds. In Egypt there are 3 types of Peaches which are: Florida, Desert, and Sugary. Peaches are a member of the stone fruit family. The inner flesh of a peach can range in color from white to yellow or orange. Egyptian Peaches are one of the most important fruits which Egypt exports to Russia as it can travel for long distance and arrive ripe with high quality and tart-sweet flavor.


Egypt has a very good supply of Pomegranates during the second semester of the year, after a production boom in the past few years. Egyptian pomegranate farms are using advanced types of fertilizers, mostly organic ones, a strategy did increase demand in the European markets and USA. Egyptian pomegranates also have both quality advantage and price advantage over their competitors in Turkey, Spain and Morocco, due to the country’s lower cost of production.


Egyptian lemons are the best. The peel is zested and used as a spice in cooking and baking. Egyptian Lemons are high in vitamin C, fibers, potassium, and various extremely beneficial compounds. In fact, lemons may support heart health, weight control, and digestive health.



Egypt ranks among the world's top potato exporters. Potatoes are grown in the Nile delta in smaller plots and also in large irrigated fields in the western desert. Egyptian potatoes have two Main markets, according to the size of seeds - larger premium potatoes for the Egyptian market and other countries like Russia, KSA, Kuwait, and UAE - small, beautiful potatoes for export to the EU countries.


Egypt has many varieties of garlic, including local garlic, Chinese garlic and more. Egyptian garlic contains many cloves and can develop up to twenty-five cloves in one bulb. Egptian Garlic has a strong flavour and taste - Egptian Garlic is second to None in Taste! Egypt is one of the world’s main garlic producers, in 2020 Egypt came in fourth place behind China, India and Bangladesh, and harvests up to 280,000 tons per year.



Whether red, yellow, or white, onions are one of Egypt's most popular vegetables, that Egypt produces and exports. Egyptian onions are extremely hardy, tasty, and sweet, they are disease and pest resistant. Egyptian dried onion exports in 2020 reached $38.4 million, representing 8.2% of the total global exports of dried onions in 2020. Egypt ranked third globally in 2020 in the exports of dried onion. Egypt ranked sixth globally in 2020 in the exports of fresh onion - Egypt reached $272.5 million (6.8%) exports of fresh onion.

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